Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It's been a while...

Almost an entire year had past since I posted something on my blog...

I learned in last June that I was almost a 2 months pregnant!!! OMG!!! The blog didn't have any chance by then, I had to put it away. The morning sickness was overwhelming the first 3 months and nothing was enough appealing to post: I started to have acne, I took a lot of weight in the first months even if I was still working out, I was a mess!

I took almost 55lbs during my pregnancy and I was kind of depress about it!

Anyway, I gave birth to a beautiful little princess, Lilyann, on January 29th 2014!

After two months, I feel like I can resart my training, I lost 30lbs of baby fat and now I have to help myself to loose the rest! Plus I have a wedding in June so I don't have any time to waste!

For my official return on March 24th 2014


My goal: fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes ( small ) and be able to wear a nice dress by the early June!

Daily outside walk with baby (when the weather is good!) 45 minutes to 1 hour

The six-pack April Challenge 2014 (the six pack march challenge from 2013)

Eat healthier, of course!

More water!

It will be hard enough because I'm breast feeding...

After my appointement with the doctor on April 2nd, I will be able to add more workout with the ok of the doctor! I'm thrilled!

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