Friday, November 16, 2012

Knee Injury!

Yesterday was a hard day for me, when I saw the WOD at CrossFit Mamas, I knew I couldn't do it without a struggle. 

Thursday 11.15.12
(Mamas style) 

For time:
1 mile Run
100 Push-ups
200 Sit-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run

Partition the push-ups, sit-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run.

A few days ago a probably did a ''wrong'' movement and an old knee injury's returned. I decided to do an Insanity Workout instead of The WOD at CrossFit Mamas (Thursday November 15th, 2012), but this morning, my knee is killing me! (The one I felt is explained by the green writing...)

I know I shouldn't stop working out, but for tonight, I will do a recovery workout (from the Insanity program) and take it easy for the weekend.
Well I might try it anyway .... (bad me)

Friday 11.16.12
21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of:
Crossfit sit-ups

Shouldn't be so hard for my little knee, if I do the squats the right way!

I hope I will be back on track on Monday November 19th!

frontal knee pain picture

No Excuse: Knee Injury

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday November 14th 2012!

Boo Ya! Hurray, I did 24:00 for this great WOD! One of my favorite! Thanks to CrossFit Mamas for it :P

Wednesday 11.14.12

For time:
Run 500 meters
50 Box jumps, 18" box
50 Push-ups
50 Crossfit sit-ups
50 Kettlebell swings, 15-20 lbs
50 Back extensions (Supermans)
50 Bench dips
20 Burpees

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

WOD November 13th 2012

Tuesday November 13th 2012!

OMG, one of the hardest WOD I did so far!

Definition.4 rounds for time of:

8 Deadlifts, 60 lbs.
16 Burpees
15 Walking lunges
Run 600 meters/ 500 Jump ropes or jacks


I don't know if I did the jump rope the right way, since I don't have a jump rope... :s

Monday WOD : CrossFit and Insanity!

WOW after an (almost) whole week off, I was back on track today: Monday November 12th, from CrossFit Mamas

For time:
30 Push-ups
50 Back Extensions (Supermans)
30 Knees to elbows
30 Deadlifts, 40 lbs
30 Dumbbell push press, 20 lbs
50 Kettlebell swings, 15-20 lbs (I did it with a dumbbell only 10lbs)
Run 400 meters/ 200 Jump rope or jacks (did the 200 jump rope)
10 Pull-ups (assisted if necessary) or Pull-downs (lower down slowly from bar) (didn't do this one because I don't have the equipment!)
30 Bench dips

It took me 15:50... Ouff!

And right before the WOD, I did the Insanity Abs workout, app. 16:00

That was hot!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

WOD for Monday 11/06/2012

My oh my, this one was rough!

5 rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
30 Box jump, 18 inch box
30 Wall ball shots, 10 lb ball

(I can't do the wall ball shots so I did 30 Thrusters with 20 lbs)

400 meters on the eliptic

Box jump app. 16-18 inch.

27:50 (at least I did a half an hour of work out!)


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Friday WOD from CrossFit Mamas and Running Injuries!

WOD from CrossFit Mamas!


One thing you should know is that I hate running! I have some problems with my right hip and I always suffer from it at the end of the run (and days later!)


Anyway at home I only got the Elliptic. I did the running part on it, it's really different from running, the movement isn't the same and as proof, I never get bored and I wasn't hurt! Anyway, here is my result: 7:20 (with 20 lbs. push-press dumbbells!)

Run 300 meters
20 Push press, 20 lbs.
Run 300 meters
15 Push press, 20 lbs.
Run 300 meters
10 Push press, 20 lbs.
Run 300 meters
5 Push press, 20 lbs.

I was totally washed out after this one :P

Oh I forgot to mention that I did the Dead Lifts with 30 lbs. for yesterday WOD!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

October 1st and November 1st WOD from CrossFit Mamas and Spinach/Tomato Orzo soup recipe!

Yesterday I did 19:14 for this WOD: October 31st!

2 rounds of:
50 push-ups (I alternated with normal and girly push-ups since my elbows aren't so strong!)
75 sit-ups (OMG these were killers!)
50 front squats, 20 lbs. (did it with dumbbells, 20 lbs.)
75 jump rope

November 1st WOD is: (as always from CrossFit Mamas!) 

21 dead lifts, 30-60lbs
21 push press, 20lbs
50 squats
15 dead lifts
15 push press
50 squats
9 dead lifts
9 push press

I'll post the result later! Ok I did it on Friday, since I wasn't able to do it on Thursday. So here it is: 5:40! Yeah great WOD, BTW my arms are dead!

Yesterday was my day off and I try the Orzo spinach/tomato soup! It was good, easy and didn't take a lot of time and ingredients to make it! I have almost everything at home already!

Spinach Tomato Orzo Soup


1 large onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, chopped
1 lb. spinach, fresh or frozen, defrosted
1 – 15 oz. can dice Italian tomatoes (with oregano and basil)
1 lb. package orzo pasta
2 quarts chicken or vegetable stock
2 quarts water
Olive oil
(I add some cooked turkey breast pieces into it for more proteins!)


1. Preheat a large soup. Drizzle with olive oil. Add onions and saute until tender. Add garlic and saute for 2 – 3 minutes. Add canned tomatoes, spinach, chicken or vegetable stock and water. Bring to a boil and reduce heat to medium.

2. Add orzo cook for 12 – 15 minutes or until orzo is tender.

That's it!

And chack this one out: OMG :D