Friday, August 24, 2012

5 days of the Insanity Program : Review of the Fit Test and progress

Ok, here are my results of my first Fit Test, done on Monday August 13th:

Week 1:
Fit Test  #1

Switch Kicks ( 2 kicks = 1 rep) : 40
Power jacks : 53
Power Knees ; 90
Power Jumps ; 25
Globe Jumps (4 Jumps = 1 rep) : 7
Suicide Jacks : 12
Push-up Jacks : 20
Low Plank Oblique : 40

So this is what it’s look like after my 25 minutes of ”Fit Test”. I hope that I’ll see progress, and not only on paper! 
Now, I did my ” Pure Cardio” training this morning since last night I wasn’t able to train ( I did a double shift on my job last night!) So I trade my ”Sunday Off” for a ”Friday Off” and I will finish my first week on Sunday Morning (No Doubt), August 19th. 

Now, this is a picture of me at the first day of my training:

you'll be able to watch the progress too!

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