Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fit Test # 2

This week Mantrum: Because I want and needed for myself, and not for anyone else. This is probably the best reason and the first reason to start and continued to be fit.
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Now, this is my result of my second Fit Test, I didn't looked the results of my first fit test, so I didn't know I much I made or had to make. I didn't want to overdo the exercises; I wanted to check my REAL progress.

Monday August 27th

125.2 lbs.  (I took 2lbs since the first Fit Test)

Week : 3
Fit test # 2

Switch Kicks (2 kicks = 1 rep): 43
Power jacks: 62
Power Knees; 94
Power Jumps; 30
Globe Jumps (4 Jumps = 1 rep): 11
Suicide Jacks: 16
Push-up Jacks: 24
Low Plank Oblique: 55

As far as I'm concern, this workout is insane, but it feels so good at the end! Yes, I'm sweating, yes my muscles are screaming and I'm out of breath, but I'm so drain and satisfied!

At first I was a little bit scared because in last January, I burned out my right knee. But before and after each workout, we stretched the muscles of the body so I guess its ok, for now!

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