Sunday, December 23, 2012

Military Diet, day 3 and result!

DAY 3:

5 Saltine Crackers, 1 Slice of Cheddar Cheese, and 1 Small Apple

1 Hard-Boiled Egg, and 1 Slice of Toast

1 Cup of Tuna, 1/2 of a Banana, and 1 Cup of Vanilla Ice Cream

Finally, the third day.... All day I was OMG I'm hungry... But today, I was at home... So it was even harder than the last two day and I have to admit that I cheated at the end of the day, I was dying.... I eat some baby food....Like 1 tea spoon of baby food...

Anyway, tomorrow first thing in the morning: check the result!

And as I predicted.... drum roll...... Saturday December 22nd....

127.8 lbs....

Well I did lost 2 lbs. but God; I didn't eat at all for 3 days! LOL

I'm a bit disappointed I was hoping to have lost at least 5 lbs. I didn't feel a lot of change (on my physical) but I was wondering if I didn't lost 10 lbs. was it because I didn't do the diet the right way or maybe because I don't really have 10 lbs. to lose!

I also workout on the first day of the diet, on day 2 and 3 I was so exhausted from work that I didn't move after dinner. Surely this one would have helped me to lose maybe 1 to 2 pounds... (Even 2 pounds is big...), but I think it's a great way to realise how much you usually eat in one day. I did realise that I eat a lot each day. Of Course, I'm the kind of person who eats rather well; I love fruits, veggies, soy, seeds, meat, pasta, yogurt... I do love, crave cupcakes and candy but I can resist the urge! Mostly!

I will probably try it again later, maybe after the Holidays.

This picture was taken on Monday December 17th at 129. 8 lbs. After the Insanity Program

This one was taken on Wednesday December 19th. First day of the Military Diet.

This one was taken on Saturday December 22nd at 127.8 lbs.

I don't really see the physical change... :(

Thanks for ''following'' me through this little diet. Hope that my feedback helped you!


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