Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I'm back on track, Take 2!

Hi lovelies, I know it's been a while, I was so caught up with work, my other blog, my personal life, after the holidays that I wasn't able to being update with my training/workout and obviously, my wicked fitness blog :(

Every day I was looking at my blog and didn't want to post things that wasn't of pure interest just for having something posted so I decided to take my time and come back when I was ready. So that day has arrived! Before Xmas, I tried the military diet that didn't really work out fine for me! I was hoping (well, maybe ''dreamed'' might be more accurate, because honestly, I don't have 10 lbs. to lose...), but only did 2 lbs. 2 lbs. wasn't worth the effort I put in this diet and the diet itself was kind of too hard for someone used to eat like I do, due to my training.

Lately, I decided to go on vacation and guess what? When I try on my bikini, I cry out loud in seeing my shape, it was a disaster! After the holidays, I came back to my 130 lbs. and maybe even more. I think I was at 132 lbs. when I tried my bikini.

I have 3 weeks to lose as much as I can so last week, I came back to my normal diet and lost 2 lbs. Plus I had some cross fit course (with a friend of mine) (2-3 times a weeks) and today I was at 128 lbs.! YAY! I hope to be able to take the plane at 125 lbs., that's my ultimate goal for February 3rd 2013!

I add to my diet this: capsule of Green Tea! (I hate the ''diet'' word, because honestly, it's not a diet, it's just eating well and clean and workout almost every day). It’s my first capsule today and I will be able to tell you in a few days, if I see some changes, ameliorations...

It's supposed to ''boost energy'' and ''support weight loss goal''. Everything is natural in those capsules. Most of all, it contains green tea, caffeine, ginger, guarana, vitamin B6, algae...

And I got some new tools (as Xmas gifts) to help me through my journey! Thanks mom and dad for the watch! I also got 15 lbs. and 20 lbs. Kettle bells from family and friends! YAY!

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