Friday, January 25, 2013

Squats week until Monday January 28th!

Here in my new work out I found on Pinterest 
  this ''circuit'' and try it on last Monday (January 21st, 2013) but I didn't check my time since I supposed to do every step 30 seconds each except the last one (60 seconds). But it was hard and I probably took more than the time required for this training.

It was fun! :D

Saturday January 19st, 2013 :

21 deadlifts, 30 lbs.
21 push-press, 20 lbs.
50 squats
15 deadlifts, 30 lbs.
15 push-press, 20 lbs
50 squats
9 deadlifts, 30 lbs.
9 push-press, 20 lbs.
50 squats
60 sit-ups

I was supposed to do 2 classes of Crossfit but I had to cancel them ... :(

Thursday January 23rd, 2013:

10 min. eliptic (weight-loss prog.)
100 squats
50 Kettlebells, 20 lbs.
50 squats
20 deadlifst, 30 lbs.
25 squats
20 cleans, 20 lbs.
12 squats
10 deadlifts, 30 lbs.
6 squats
10 cleans, 20 lbs.
10 min eliptic (WLP)
200 squats

It burns!

Now look at that bottle! I want one! From Hydra Coach LOL But they don’t ship (via to Canada, I will have to ordered it from the main website, but it will cost dearly! I think I’ll wait a little!

Hydracoach calculates the amount of water you need to drink each day based on your weight. As you drink, it lets you know how much is left for that day to lose weight.

And wow look at that transformation!

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