Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This week Mantrum: To Be Able To Say: I Did It!

Sometimes I wonder when I'm gonna see some changes in my body, seeing some progress? After 3 weeks of the Insanity workout, I can't seem to see a difference from the before I begun this training. I saw a difference with the Fit Test, but otherwise...

Anyway, I saw on a blog (can't remember the name, or maybe it was on Pinterest....) Yes I found it: it was on Pinterest!

keep going

It takes 4 weeks for you to see some changes in your body.
Another 4 weeks (8 weeks) for your family and friends to notice.
Then another 4 weeks (12 weeks) for your surrounding (co-workers, neighbors, acquaintance, the rest of the world....)

Si it takes almost 2 months for everybody you know, including you, to see/notice/aware of your body progress....

Damn! I want to see some changes right now! Boo Hoo for me then!

So that's why I choose this Week Mantrum:

Found it on :

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