Thursday, October 25, 2012

First Dumbbell ''Tabata'' Thruster ever :) & Mantrum of the week!

WOD, October 25th, from CrossFit Mamas,

Run 1000 meters
Rest 4 minutes
than for 8 reps: Dumbell ''Tabata'' Thrusters, 20lbs ( I did it with 10lbs, because I do not have an 20 lbs dumbbell!)
20 seconds each reps, rest 10 seconds between each reps!

Run: 8:03 minutes!
Thrusters, Lowest Reps: 10

Mantrum of the week:

--reason to be fit.

 Tuesday I run 4000 meters and Wednesday I was so sore!!! OMG.... Anyway the mantrum of the week is perfect! Today (Thursday) I'm feeling all right and I did a great WOD!

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