Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fit test #3

Wednesday September 19th

123.4 lbs. (I lost 1.8 lb. since the Fit Test #2) YAY! Happy with this result because, last weekend, I had my friends at home for supper and I ate a lot of foods, desserts and drunk a lot of alcohol!!!

Week: 6
Fit Test #3
Switch Kicks (2 kicks = 1 rep): 45
Power jacks: 58
Power Knees: 100
Power Jumps: 40
Globe Jumps (4 Jumps = 1 rep): 9 
Suicide Jacks: 15
Push-up Jacks: 23
Low Plank Oblique: 60

Ok you might have noticed that I improved some exercises and others not really… Last Friday, I thought I was Wonder Woman or something because I did some push-up too hard and I hurt my right arm. Since Friday September 14th it’s a living hell with my arm IT HURTS!!!!! I started the new month a little slower and I see it in the Fit Test.

I had to say that the second month is also a little bit harder than the first one. The workouts are longer and the exercises are different, more intense… I just hope I'll heal fast (stupid arm… stupid me…)! So it’s a hard week for me, for my spirit. Since Monday I almost cry at every workout and it’s quite difficult for me to even complete the entire workout. I think the recovery week didn’t help me! Anyway now here are my measurements:

Arms: 26cm
Breast: 83cm (lost L)
Upper belly: 72cm
Lower belly: 82.5cm
Tights: 96.5cm
Butt: 95cm

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