Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Measures on September 10th, 2012

Ok Peeps, these are my news measures, after the first month of Insanity. I have to say that I didn't missed one workout, but sometime, I had to take my ''day off'' sooner (Usually on Sunday) because of my job. But, in general, everything went fine!

Monday September 10th;

124 LBS
Arms: 26 cm
Breast: 84 cm
Upper Belly: 72 cm
Belly or lower Belly: 82 cm
Legs: 56.5 cm
Butt: 96.5 cm
Thighs: 96 cm

Instead of

123.6 LBS
Arms: 28.5 cm
Breast: 86.5 cm
Upper Belly 71.5 cm
Belly or Low Belly: 83.5 cm
Legs: 57.5 cm
Butt: 97.5 cm
Thighs: 97.5 cm

I can see the progress on paper, a little bit on picture too, but I want greatest results. When I saw the pub of Insanity on TV I was: WOW look at these guys, they are all ripped up! I want to look like this:

I wish I was taller!
Found on Dang she Fine

Then I was wondering if I really needed to ''dry'' (Sorry I don't know the term in English... in French it's ''s├Ęche'') to have my abs looking like those!

And I talked about meals...

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