Saturday, November 3, 2012

Friday WOD from CrossFit Mamas and Running Injuries!

WOD from CrossFit Mamas!


One thing you should know is that I hate running! I have some problems with my right hip and I always suffer from it at the end of the run (and days later!)


Anyway at home I only got the Elliptic. I did the running part on it, it's really different from running, the movement isn't the same and as proof, I never get bored and I wasn't hurt! Anyway, here is my result: 7:20 (with 20 lbs. push-press dumbbells!)

Run 300 meters
20 Push press, 20 lbs.
Run 300 meters
15 Push press, 20 lbs.
Run 300 meters
10 Push press, 20 lbs.
Run 300 meters
5 Push press, 20 lbs.

I was totally washed out after this one :P

Oh I forgot to mention that I did the Dead Lifts with 30 lbs. for yesterday WOD!

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