Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Monday WOD : CrossFit and Insanity!

WOW after an (almost) whole week off, I was back on track today: Monday November 12th, from CrossFit Mamas

For time:
30 Push-ups
50 Back Extensions (Supermans)
30 Knees to elbows
30 Deadlifts, 40 lbs
30 Dumbbell push press, 20 lbs
50 Kettlebell swings, 15-20 lbs (I did it with a dumbbell only 10lbs)
Run 400 meters/ 200 Jump rope or jacks (did the 200 jump rope)
10 Pull-ups (assisted if necessary) or Pull-downs (lower down slowly from bar) (didn't do this one because I don't have the equipment!)
30 Bench dips

It took me 15:50... Ouff!

And right before the WOD, I did the Insanity Abs workout, app. 16:00

That was hot!

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