Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cross Fit and Pregnancy?

Love your body

Being able to look in the mirror and be satisfied with my body... this one is tough! I keep reminding myself not to push too hard (because I got easily injured) and be patient about the results, the progress, the transformation... I saw my mother last weekend and we were shopping... I hate shopping... And I thought: hey I did enough progress that my mother would notice... Hummm... Nop! Nothing, not even a word about a possible change in my aspect, body, mind and soul! Even when I said that I was eating Pumpkin Protein Bars, she didn't even ask me why!

Well, now I'm in that specific stage of my life and I need to take a decision: having a baby or not.

If I'm pregnant, yeah, I know you can continue to workout and there's a lot of good workout and training program for pregnant women, but all I am doing right now is for nothing? Because in shape or not, a pregnant woman isn't skinny, isn't in shape (at some point!). After a few months, no matter what, no matter how hard you working out and of course, you might stop the regular (or not) workout you're being doing and just be a pregnant woman?
Big and fat. Again. Then after the pregnancy, you'll have to do the entire workout again...

Mama! I gonna cry!

Am I doing this for nothing? Because obviously I’ll have to do it all over again after the baby's out... For the peace of my mind, body and soul! I not the kind of person who's going to lay all day on the couch, doing nothing because she's now a mommy... (and everybody knows that a mommy, do a lot of thing, so where am I going to find the time to train again. And training harder, with the baby, the house, cooking, family and friends who want to spend time with me and the baby!

I want a pizza...

Geez... Can we really do this when we are pregnant?

Well it's seems that we can! Ok never mind this whole post, I should stay in shape and do cross fit when I'm pregnant! YAY! No seriously, this picture is awesome and inspirational! Thank you, whoever you are! Oh: Heather Bergeron!?!? 

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